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National Organizations/Pet Medical Sites

American Hospital Association

American Veterinary Medical Association-Care for Pets
This is a good general information site for all pet owners.

includes poison control information

Healthy Pets
A general information website from the American Animal Hospital Association.

An excellent veterinary medical website with an extensive library resource.

Humane Society of the United States

Veterinary Cancer Society

For Pets With Diabetes:

For Pet Dental Information:

American Heartworm Society

Companion Animal Parasite Council

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

General Pet-Related Sites

Web MD for Pets

An excellent site for families with pets and children:

American Boarding Kennels Association:

Promotes animals helping people to improve health, independence and quality of life:

For those looking for a lost pet, or for a pet to adopt:



The American Dog Trainers Network
A resource for dog training.

Basic Training

How to Love Your Dog
A children's guide to dog care.

Dog Fancy Online Magazine

Dog Breed Information from the American Kennel Club


Cat Fancier's Association
information on cat breeds, cat care and cat shows

Cornell Feline Health Center
An excellent site for feline medical information.

Feline Diabetes

Cat Fancy Online Magazine

Feline Asthma Information

Indoor Cat Initiative


Traveling With Your Pet

Pet Insurance

Heartworm Prevention & Flea Products

Sentinel & Capstar



Vectra 3D


Pet identification systems (microchip implantation)

Invisible Fencing